Endless Jewelry

Endless Jewelry Background

In 2003 Jesper Nielsen, CEO of Endless Jewelry, and his family were some of the first who got the rights to sell the Danish jewelry brand Pandora internationally. Just a few years after, Jesper and his family created a turnover larger than a billion Danish kroner selling Pandora jewelry in five major European countries. “Our approach to customers was from the beginning that ‘everything is possible’ and that we always have to infuse a little extra love into our products,” said Jesper Nielsen. In 2013 Nielsen and his family launched their own brand – Endless Jewelry.

Endless Jewelry Values

Endless Jewelry is dedicated to one thing: Serving customers in every possible way. Endless Jewelry serves its customers in a friendly manner through a smile, laugh, or even a hug. They believe that kindness makes everything in life and business run much smoother. If you ever meet an Endless Jewelry employee, you will encounter a real, authentic person. This goes for their products as well. Endless Jewelry only uses real material – which means real gold, real sterling silver, real gemstones and real leather. Endless believes that these values, combined with a hard work ethic, will help achieve another goal: becoming the world’s most popular jewelry brand.

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