Lafonn Jewelry

Lafonn is a design house and manufacturer that creates works of art. Guided by its Old World mystique of eternal beauty, Lafonn is a purveyor of exquisite jewelry. Expertly crafted in sterling silver bonded with platinum, yellow or rose-gold, and handset with the world’s finest simulated diamonds, genuine gemstones, and lab-created gemstones, every Lafonn piece is coveted for its exceptional brilliance and fire.

Lafonn always believes that a woman’s desire to look and feel beautiful should not be reserved for a privileged few. Every woman of every age, ethnicity and lifestyle should be given the opportunity to own a beautiful, well-made piece of jewelry. Lafonn is affordable and always wearable.

Lafonn’s mission is to provide every woman an opportunity to own a beautiful, well-made piece of jewelry at a price that is within reach. Our vision is to enable every woman to feel and look chic, not only just at a special occasion, but at any moment, day or night.

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