Ball Watch

A spirit of adventure, the love of a challenge, endurance and no-nonsense aesthetics: these are the common denominators of BALL Watch timepieces, robust watches that express an authentic strength of character. Capable of exceptional performance, they are equipped with unparalleled technical capabilities that enable them to confront the most adverse conditions with the wearer’s complete peace of mind. Their classic design and natural elegance exhibit the most remarkable technical exploits in a completely understated manner.

One of the exclusive qualities of BALL Watches is the perfect dial visibility even in the complete absence of any light thanks to the use of Micro Gas Lights (3H). Other specific features of the BALL brand include its extraordinary strength designed specifically to meet the intended use of each of the various models, and the water-resistance to 300 meters for the Engineer Hydrocarbon series (and even up to 3,000 meters for the Engineer Hydrocarbon DeepQUEST), dedicated to the great explorers.

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