Introducing Counter Sketch 

The latest in 3-D design technology

With the Counter Sketch Studio envisioning and creating your own finished piece of jewelry has never been easier. Our library includes hundreds of designs and thousands of options so that you can easily create something you would be proud to claim as your own.

How does Counter Sketch work ?learn how we can help you create something custom

Working alongside one of our Design Consultants, you select a photorealistic digital prototype from a large library of available styles.

Starting with your 3D model, you collaborate with a Design Consultant to experiment with and enhance the prototype, altering its composition, modifying its shape, or trying different types of precious stones.

Throughout the design process, your Design Consultantwill keep you updated on the price based on your personal selections. They can also work with you to design a ring or piece of jewelry within a budget.

Your custom-designed jewelry will be handcrafted by a jewelry professional and ready for pick up within 1-3 weeks, depending on the design.

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